How often should I have my car thoroughly cleaned?
What is important is how often and in what environment do you drive your car. In general, it is recommended to wash a car twice a month, a thorough car wash, done by professionals, at least four times a year. Including waxing that protects the paint.

What is the difference between conventional car wash and dry steam?
There is a significant difference. Washing and cleaning is executed using dry steam that can get through the smallest openings and removes dirt and dust from the car without any risk of damage. At the same time, it has sterilizing effects and is environment friendly. Dry steam car cleaning and washing also needs only a fraction of water compared to conventional car wash technology and does not use any chemicals.

Can steam harm any car components?
Yes, it can if during the cleaning and washing the minimal distance from the component is not respected or if the properties of the material are unknown. Dry steam car cleaning should always be executed by professionals.

How often should I clean the car ventilation system for the air in the interior to be healthy and safe?
It depends on how often you change the pollen filter. In general, we recommend sanitation of the ventilation system once or twice a month.

How long does the complete car interior and exterior washing and cleaning take?
Franky, it depends on how dirty your car is. For instance, if the client opts for the program that includes sanitation of the car seats only (145 min) and not deep wash and clean, but the car seats have stains, we will point out that the sanitation does not remove the stains. In such case we recommend another car washing and cleaning package or change of the single car washing and cleaning service, this will however affect the necessary time (250 min) and price.

Is it necessary to clean the car engine and for what reasons?
In any case, we strongly recommend it. Not only to keep your hands and clothes clean when opening the boot, e.g. to change water, but also to reduce the negative effects of layers of dirt on sensitive parts of the car engine and to prevent the risk of fire in the engine space.

Does washing have any practical reasons apart from the car being clean?
There are several of them. Amongst other things, carwashing, cleaning and sanitation of the interior makes the inside of your car a healthy and safe space, regular washing and waxing protects the car paint from small damage and a properly polished windshield provides for optimal and safe view of the road.

Can I have my dirty car picked up and brought back clean?
Yes. We will pick up your car and bring it back washed and clean. Within 5 km free of charge.

What is the main difference between automated car wash and hand car wash.
Washing the car by hand is obviously more thorough and detailed. It is also gentler, there is no risk of wear and tear or paint scratches. Last but not least, hand wash has far better results than automated car wash as far as the final appearance of the car.

Other questions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be glad to answer all the questions.