Car engine steam cleaning

Thorough car engine space detailing

Car engine steam cleaning.  Do you remeber the great look of the new engine?  It was shiny and clean. With use all parts of the engine get covered by a layer of black, greasy dirt.  When you want to e.g. add water to the windscreen washer, your hands or even clothes get dirty easily. The layers of dirt can affect the functioning of certain car engine parts and can be dangerous and increase the risk of fire.  

Car engine is difficult to clean.  Greasy dirt is highly resilient and it is important to prevent water from getting where it shoud not be.  It is absolutely necessary that the engine be completely dry before starting it. Leavethis work to professionals.  We use steam to clean car engines. We clean not only the visible engine parts but clean all plugs and caps.

Next time when you open the hood, the engine and engine space will look as new.  Clean car engine will run smoothly and when you close the hood your hands and clothes will remain clean.