Dry steam deep cleaning of the car seats and trunk

Steam car cleaning and washing technology can clean spots that cannot be cleaned any other way.

Deep cleaning and washing of the car seats using steam technology.  Even if you are very careful with your car´s interior you cannot prevent the car seats and trunk getting dirty after a certan time.  Even more so if you have to drive in dirty work clothes, transport dirty objects in the trunk or travel with pets. Dry mud, coffee stains or rain water stains that got in when you were escaping a sudden storm do not add to the appearance of your car´s interior.  

If you spilled greasy soup in the trunk or a garbage bag tore open, you have been drivingyour car with an unpleasant odor for weeks that you just cannot get rid off.  If you´d like to restore the shiny interior of your car and want to feel comfortably in an healthy environment when communting to work or travelling, leave the cleaning of car seats and trunk to the professionals.  

Deep cleaning and washing provides for a thorough cleaning of the upholstery, carpets, mats and flooring in the trunk.   Together with highly efficent and gentle dry steam cleaning it means perfectly clean fabrics in your car without the risk of tear and wear or color fading.  Of course with absolutely no risk of damage caused by humidity.

Steam car cleaning technology can clean spots in your car that are almost impossile to clean.  It does not use chemicals and needs significantly less water than conventional car wash technology.  It is gentle not only to your car and its parts but also to the environment. High temperature steam wash technology penetrates the surface, dissolves grease and thus removes the toughest grease stains that you never believed to get rid off again.  It also kills germs and bacteria and together with cleaning it removes odors and sanitizes the interior. Everithing without irritants and toxins that you dont have to inhale.