Car windows cleaning and polishing

Thorough car window detailing

Car window polishing.  We all know it. Under sunlight or thanks to the headlights of an oncoming vehicle there is suddenly a smudge on the windshield that was invisible before but obstructs the view of the road now.   And whoever tried to clean the windshield from the inside knows how uncomfortable and difficult it is.

Some of the dirt caught on the windshield is truly resistant.  Apart from that, the windows are often greasy and after hours of cleaning and polishing the results are still rather poor.  Don´t suffer anymore. Our experts will clean and polish all the windows on your vehicle form the out- and inside without any smudges or traces.  The polishing is very gentle. Inappropriate tools and techniques can leave scratches and that is unpleasant. Clear, unobstructed view from the vehicle is basis of safe driving.