Deep and detailed

Interior vacuuming is an integral part of car cleaning and washing.  The first step to a perfectly clean interior of your car is to remove the surface dirt and dust.  Dirty interior in not only aesthetically suboptimal but dust and allergens can cause that you don’t feel comfortable in your own car.  Car interiors are full of hollow spaces, compartments, vents, grids and hard to reach spots that are perfect for the dust to catch. You have probably tried many stunts trying to reach really every spot with a household vacuum cleaner.  We do this hard job in steam car wash for you and we will not miss a single spot. We will vacuum the interior thoroughly and detailed. We remove all dirt, dust and dry stains. We use special technologies and processes perfectioned by practice.  We will remove all dirt and stains that can be vacuumed from the interior and you will be able to breathe freely again when you get in your car. Thorough vacuuming is also the first step for the interior to be cleaned further. Be it dry cleaning, washing and steam sanitation or any other cleaning and washing you choose, you will always be satisfied.  The best results of course are achieved by complex interior cleaning and exterior washing including waxing.