Steam cleaning of all plastic components in the car interior

Sanitation, restore – removal of germs, bacteria and allergens

Cleaning of the plastics in the interior is an integral part of car washing and cleaning.  When the car is in use all kinds of dirt and dust pile up on the plastic components, including tiny, harmful organisms invisible to the naked eye.  You dont have to spend hours scrubbing and digiing the dirt out of hard to reach openings in the dashboard and central console, compartments or holders. We do this unpleasant part for you with as perfect a result as can never be achieved by conventional methods.  

Hot steam high pressure car cleaning not only safely removes tha toughest dirt from the plastic components but also kills mites, mold, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Steam cleaning of plastic components in the interior is not only highly efficient but also eco-friendly as it only needs minal amounts of water.  High pressure steam cleans and sanitizes the interior without the risk of humidity damage. Steam can clean all the hard to reach spots like different compartments, cup holders and bends of the plastic parts in the interior.