Car interior impregnation and restore

The plastics in your car will be sparkling clean and look as good as new

With time the plastic components in the car interior lose their original appearance.  Layers of dirt and dust make them look old, flat and ruin the overall look of the car interior.  You can scrub as hard as you can, it´s just not working out. Leave it to professionals. We know exactly what to do with each specific surface, the plastics in your car will be shiny clean and have that new look.   We will also apply impregnation and thus protect their fresh look for a long period.

Plastic car components that have undergone expert treatment, washing and cleaning restore the car´s interior and you will feel the same way as when your car was new.  Thanks to the impregnation the dirt and dust will not stick to the surface thus will be much easier to remove. Let your car experience a true rejuvenation treatment!