Hand waxing of the car body

Thorough and detailed

The final stage of every complete car wash is treatment of the body with wax.  Waxed car paint is shiny and beautiful but above all the wax protects it from damage by e.g. bird droppings and sharp dust particles and from fading after the exposure to sunlight.  Wax also extends the effect of a freshly washed car paint and new car appearance.

If you want your car to be waxed really good you opt for hand waxing body of the car.  It is more difficult than one might think to reach a truly great result. Precise car waxing takes a lot of time, when applied wrong it can cause ugly  smudges or even harm the paint. The right technique, proper tools and a high quality wax are a key to succes.

We use a special mixture with Carnauba wax.  It is a product from the leaves of the Brazil palm Copernica Prunifera.  It smells nice and contains amongs others glycoles, hydroxy fatty acids and cinnamic acid.  It is the highest quality way that you can indulge your car in. It is hard, very resilient, high gloss and creates a protective coating that is waterproof.  It protects from damage and dirt and prevents usual ugly stains caused by rain.

We prepare the body for waxing, apply the wax gently and meticolously and polish every inch of the paint.  We use materials that distribute the wax equally and are gentle to the paint. Your car will look as good as new and the paint will be protected over a long period.  Leave the waxing and polishing to professionals!