Dashboard steam cleaning – car ventilation and ac sanitation

Dashboard detailing – Car ventilation system and AC dry steam sanitation

Ventilation, Car Air conditioning system sanitation and cleaning, and dashboard.  Car ventilation system is an ideal environment for bacteria and mold and a great place for dust to pile up.  Bacteria and mold are harmful to health and can cause unpleasant odor. The dashboard in your car is also a great dust, grease and dirt catcher and is not easy to clean.  It is uneven and has a lot of hard to reach spots sensitive to water.

Dry steam washing is ideal to clean dashboards and ventilation systems.  It cleans spots in car that no other cleaning method can. At the same time, it is environment-friendly and gentle to sensitive components.  Hot steam has sanitizing effect, kills harmful bacteria and removes mold and pathogens. That is particularly important with ventilation systems.  You surely do not want to inhale bacteria and mold or spend much time in a smelly interior.

Dry steam cleaning does not require the use of chemicals that could harm the dashboard and produce dangerous fumes.  Dry steam treated dashboard is almost as good as new. It removes hard dirt and dust that could otherwise be removed only under the risk of damage to the surface or function of the component.  Dry steam car cleaning and washing is a great alternative to conventional cleaning and washing techniques with the value added in form of sanitation.

Car ventilation system sanitation is often ignored although it is a highly important part of the vehicle care. Leave the job to us and you´ll be sure that your car´s interior will not only be good looking but also a healthy space for you and your family.